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M.A. English

M.A. English


                                            “Now or never is not the hall mark, When and ever is the ever ready ambition”

The Department of English was started in 2020 to offer Part-II English studies to the students of various undergraduate courses. The Department  was set in motion with this dictum in the year 2020 intending to beget impeccable English to the Rural Mass.   It has been doing commendable service in imparting communicative skills to the students of rural background since inception. The Department was upgraded as major department in 2020 to offer Part-III studies. The department has been producing university rank holders and stands unique in securing good results among the colleges of Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University. Faculty members of rich experience play a pivotal role in molding the department. The Department enfolds a cluster of meticulous aculty who play a vital role in perking up the language ability and literary knowledge of the students.


                The department, Association named as ‘Magnolia’ has an aim to instill enhanced language sensibility among the students. It serves as a platform to the wards to explore and to render their innate skills through various events


The Department aims at

(1) to enable students to gain proficiency in the use of English language.

(2) to expose them to classics in English literature.

(3) to enable them gain knowledge of the social and literary history of England, the literary genres, the literary movements, and the various schools thought in literary criticism

(4) to develop their vocabulary and English language skills so as to enable them perform well in competitive examinations.

(5) to enable them face challenges in mass media

(6) The elective courses are introduced to enable the students to develop career oriented skills.

(7) The choice based credit system will enable the students to develop the skills they really choose to develop.

(8) Skill based elective courses and non-major elective will enable the students to have a good deal of freedom and they also enable the students to have a good deal of freedom and they also enable the students to be employable immediately after the completion of the degree programme

1 AENEC11 Prose
2 AENEC12 Fiction
3 AENEA11 Literary Forms
4 AENEC21 Poetry-I
5 AENEC22 Indian Writing In English
6 AENEA21 The Social History Of England
7 AENEC31 Poetry – II
8 AENES32 Presentation Skill
9 AENES31 Word Power
10 AENEC32 Grammar
11 AENET31 History Of English Literature
12 AENEA41 Phonetics
13 AENES42 Job Seeking
14 AENEC42 20th Century Literature
15 AENEC41 Drama II
16 AENES42 Job Seeking
17 AENET41 History Of English Literature
18 AENES41 Creative Writing
19 UES8D51 Environmental Science
20 AENEC51 Drama I
21 AENEC52 American Literature
22 AENEC53 New Literature In English
23 AENEC54 Women Writing
24 AENEC55 Journalism & Mass Communication
25 AENET51 Literary Criticism - I
26 AENEC61 Shakespeare
27 AENEC62 English Language Teaching
28 AENEC63 Translation Theory & Practice
29 AENEC64 Literary Theory
30 AENEC65 English For Employment
31 AENET61 Literary Criticism -II

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA                : Pass in B.A any group

APPROVED INTAKE                    : 18+25% students

COURSE DURATION                   : 3 Years

STUDY MODE                              : Regular

COURSE LEVEL                          : Bachelor of Arts

RELATED BRANCH                     : Phonetics, Journalism and Mass Communication

COURSE AFFILIATED BY           : Manonmaniam Sunadaranar University

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